5 everyday essential oils

There are so many essential oils out there with varying scents and uses.

I have 5 essential oils here that I would consider to be essential oils that would be useful for someone who has never used essential oils before aswell as someone who has been using them for a long time. They are like my basic go to essential oils.

Lavender Essential Oil.

Lavender has relaxation properties so helps reduce stress levels and anxiety by regulating the nervous system. It is commonly used to promote a restful sleep.

It is a good treatment for muscular and nerve pain like headaches, migraines and is anti-spasmodic, so can help ease menstrual cramps.

It is antiseptic so can help clean wounds and help with infection and is a good skin healer. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory.

It is antibacterial so is good for fighting odours like in shoes, toilets and on mattresses.

Lemon Essential Oil.

Lemon essential oil is a fresh and invigorating scent which can enhance the mood and stimulate the senses.

It is also antiseptic to stimulate the defences against bacteria and viruses and help kills germs.

It can also be useful helpful to relieve nausea and to stimulate digestive system.

It is a natural cleaning agent and can attack and dissolve dirt and grime. It is a natural deodorizer so would be good to clean things like microwaves and bins.

Lemon essential oil will need to be well dilluted (less than 2 percent).

Caution: Avoid using for 12 hours prior to sun exposure.

Peppermint Essential Oil.

Peppermint essential oil is an effective remedy for headaches and muscular pains due to it’s stimulating and analgesic properties aswell as acting as an expectorant to help alleviate coughs and to help clear sinuses, when using in a steam inhalation.

It is also used to ease nausea and can soothe insect bites and skin irritations when used with a base oil to dillute the essential oil appropriately.

For inside the home, it is good for achieving streak free windows and glass as well as being a natural rodent and pest repellent like spiders.

Peppermint essential oil will need to be well dilluted (less the 2 percent) and void using neat the nose of children under seven years old.

Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Tea tree essential oil has powerful antiseptic properties and help fight against germs, bacteria and viruses. It is a great item to keep in your first aid kit.

It promotes healing of cuts, scrapes and bruises and can help restore the balance of oils to combat greasy hair and dandruff.

It is a helpful decongestant and expectorant.

It is also great for mould and mildew and makes a great oil to put into homemade hand washes.

Tea tree essential oil is a non-irritant in dillutions of less than 10 percent.

Geranium Essential Oil.

Geranium essential oil has a calming and uplifting effect. It can help balance emotions and keep them on an even keel, treat anxiety and reduce restlessness.

It is a useful treatment for flaky dandruff as it can help to balance the secretion of sebum on the scalp.

Geranium essential oil can be used to relieve menopausal symptoms and PMS support as well, due to its cooling and balancing properties.

More Info.

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Disclaimer: This blog is for general information purpose only. This blog is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. I am not a medical professional. Please seek medical advice if required. The use of the information on this blog or information linked, is at the users own risk.

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